Super Electric Violence

Super Electric Violence
Screenshot of a cutscene from Battle Mania Daiginjō. Mania and Maria are looking out at Kikokukyou Temple and Mania is saying "Super electric violence..."

I'm gonna do the thing where I share some music recommendations, but first I wanted to mention that the workers at Bandcamp are unionizing.

Most of the album links I share here are from Bandcamp, because buying records on Bandcamp supports the artists who make them. The workers at Bandcamp make that possible. They deserve a union to advocate for fair, equitable, and sustainable working conditions. I believe the future of Bandcamp—and thus the future of digital music distribution as we know it—relies on this. A union at Bandcamp will improve conditions for the workers, the artists, and the listeners who use their platform.

Bandcamp and Epic Games management has hired union busting law firm Foley & Lardner, and they've been doing everything they can to delay a fair and timely union election. If you have time, please check out Bandcamp United's ally toolkit for ways you can show your support and help them stand up to management's union busting.

Okay now some music.

DJ Smiley Bobby – Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises from Maharashtra
DJ Smiley Bobby reinterprets traditional ceremonial drums into some of the hardest beats I've heard this year. There's so much energy in this record, it just explodes and explodes and explodes.

hanali – Monolithic v1.0 EP
Another heavy release from one of the foundational bootists of the gorge movement. Metamorphic toms echo back from the distant peaks of the future. What will gorge sound like in 1,000 years?

twofold – Black Armor
This one technically doesn't drop until next week. Consider this advance notice that it rules. The album art reflects and refracts the militant aesthetics of Detroit techno innovators Underground Resistance, but twofold's sound is something new. Here, now: Sharp-edged machines weave an intricate dance through bullet hell beats. Every movement is just as precise as it has to be.

India Ivory – Open Transit
Roll credits. Postgame chillout sequence. India Ivory brings her interstitial grooves to Detroit Underground.